Fremont high school exterior

Fremont High School

The traditional Midwestern, small town community of Fremont, Michigan wanted to replace their original 1920’s high school building.

Everything about the building and what it had to offer was dated. The community was looking to incorporate 21st Century technology with the old-town feel and preserve their culture; it was imperative that the new school look and feel like it was meant to be there.

With community involvement and support, including the “Future of Fremont” committee, it was determined that the new high school needed to satisfy the following principles: flexibility, maximizing educational and safety opportunities, accessible to all students, and support/enhance connections to the community at large.

Working with staff and students, a design committee helped facilitate the comprehensive planning process in order to discuss and define individual spaces and needs. The design committee then made recommendations to the School Board. The high school is the center of the community, so there was an immense amount of involvement and commitment.

The project successfully concluded with a new high school that not only met the guiding principles, supported the curriculum, and fit within the larger context of the community, but the new high school provides an educational environment that holds purpose and distinction within the community.


Budget: $40.2 million

Completion: 2012

Size: 786-student capacity, Grades 9-12, 169,500 sq. ft.


  • First installation of media:scape® collaboration labs in a Michigan school
  • Sheldon Axis Infinity® workstations in the Science classrooms
  • Competition gym with elevated track to seat 2,000 and an auxiliary gym
  • Facilities for a strong Agricultural Science program including a lab classroom, pole barn, outdoor growing lab and a green house
  • Energy efficient systems:
    • Geothermal system with central plant
    • Radiant heating, heat recovery on AHUs
    • High-efficiency boilers
    • Daylight Harvesting
    • Special window glazing
    • Sunshades & Reflectors
  • YEAR : 2012
  • LOCATION : Fremont, MI
  • TYPE : New Build
  • PORTFOLIO : Education