St. Louis Center rest nook

Friar Guanella Hall

The St. Louis Center is a caring, residential, family living and learning environment.

The Center’s mission is to provide for the physical, emotional, spiritual needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The primary goal of this project is to make Fr. Guanella Hall a more welcoming, comfortable, and safe place to live.


Budget: $1.5 million

Completion: Spring 2014

Size: 10,065 sq. ft. remodel, 2,504 sq. ft. new addition


  • Bedroom/bath additions on both residential wings
  • Main entrance reconstruction to be more welcoming—
    the lobby can host meetings, activities, family gatherings, and other group functions
  • All spaces meet barrier-free and universal design guidelines
    Warm colors and home-like feel for comfort, but durable finishes for cleanliness and longevity
  • Energy-efficiency improvements—new mechanical, electrical, lighting, windows and roof
  • YEAR : 2014
  • LOCATION : Chelsea, MI
  • TYPE : Mixed
  • PORTFOLIO : Senior Living