Getman corp exterior

Getman Corporation

The project involved converting the manufacturing space from a metal fabrication operation into a full mining vehicle production facility.


Facility remodel & sitework – $5 million
Equipment & furnishings – $3 million

Completion: 2013

Office & locker room – 7,300 sq. ft.
Manufacturing – 90,000 sq. ft.
Wash bay addition – 1,600 sq. ft.


  • New 21,000 sq. ft. fabrication area consisting of 6 frame fabrication bays and 8 tac fabrication bays
  • Installation of a new custom Blast Booth and Paint Booth
  • New 30,000 sq. ft. vehicle assembly area consisting of 18 assembly bays
  • 27,000 feet of materials and part warehousing
  • New office and locker room renovation
  • New compressed air system and gas and oxygen system
  • Developed a new test track for the vehicles
  • Complete reorganization of the site parking and service drives providing semi-trailer access for the north and south loading docks
  • Storm sewer improvements and new sanitary sewer line
  • Upgraded electrical service into the building to account for the new welding operations
  • Upgraded and provided new fiber optic service into the building
  • New visitor entrance into the facility with new site signage and a new marquee sign
  • New landscaping for entire property
  • YEAR : 2013
  • LOCATION : Kalamazoo, MI
  • TYPE : New Build
  • PORTFOLIO : Community