GRPS Museum high school artifact lab

Grand Rapids Museum High School

Partnering with the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Public Schools worked to renovate the old Field Museum into a school and museum storage space.

Kingscott and Lott3Metz collaborated with the museum and staff to create a unique learning space with an open floor plan. Since the available space was tight many of the rooms serve dual purposes and are flexible to student needs; for example, the superintendent’s office contains lockable cabinets and moveable desks, allowing the space to transform into a group study room and learning lab. The building was also designed in conjunction with the Historical Society to preserve the building’s historical features and

The school program was designed to accommodate 360 students, utilizing resources from the Grand Rapids Community College for senior classes and St. Mary’s auditorium.

The school was partially funded by XQ: The Super School Project, a competitive grant that challenges high schools across the nation to change the standard teaching environment and empower students for greater success.


Budget: $10 Million

Completion: 2018

Size: 240-student capacity, Grades 9-12, 35,530 sq. ft.


  • Large commons space
  • Maker space
  • Artifact room for up close study of museum artifacts
  • Built-in servery for open lunches
  • YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Grand Rapids, MI
  • TYPE : Renovation
  • PORTFOLIO : Education