Kalamazoo Transportation Center archways at night

Kalamazoo Transportation Center

The City of Kalamazoo’s Transportation Center now plays a prominent role in the City’s downtown redevelopment plan.

The project included the complete renovation of the existing 1887 Cyrus L.W.Eidlitz train depot and the addition of two 27,000 sq.ft. bus canopies to cover twenty new bus slips.

The challenges for the interior designer were to create interiors true to the original train depot. Extensive research was done to find photos of the original building. Many were found and used, along with photos of similar facilities of the same age and the existing original materials, as the basis for the interior design.


Budget: $10 Million

Completion: 2006


  • AIA Southwest Michigan Honor Award
  • ACEC New York Diamond Award
  • Western New York Illumination Design Award
  • Kalamazoo Historic Commission Preservation Award
  • YEAR : 2006
  • LOCATION : Kalamazoo, MI
  • TYPE : Renovation
  • PORTFOLIO : Civil and Municipal