Maureen Weatherby

"Maureen is all about building meaningful relationships"

Maureen Weatherby , PHR

Human Resources Manager - HR Trusted advisor.  Implementer.  Fair and trusted.  People Oriented.  Funny.  Caring.  Connoisseur of shoes.  This is Maureen Weatherby. 

Maureen’s ability to talk to anyone serves her well in her role of attracting new talent.  Her desire to build meaningful relationships allows her to ensure Kingscott retains the top talent she attracts.  Maureen’s keen sense of right and wrong and desire to follow the rules, makes her the perfect person to ensure Kingscott is compliant in its employment practices.

Maureen loves people.  She has invested her life’s work in helping people achieve professional success and satisfaction.  When she is not busy having fun at work and focusing on our employees, Maureen is having fun spending time in the great outdoors with her family.