Dan Tryles

Dan has always been torn between two loves – architecture and aerospace. He almost went into the Air Force Academy. He went so far as to be appointed to the academy. In the end, he chose to pursue architecture at the University of Michigan. After school, Dan applied to and was hired by Kingscott. He started as a Project Coordinator and is now Director of Architecture and Partner. Dan is committed to using his talent and skills to help others achieve their goals.

Dan enjoys being outside in the summer camping with this family, out on a boat, or fishing. He’s a self-described computer enthusiast, which might just be a euphemism for "gamer." Right now he and his kids are building a replica of the Titanic on Minecraft complete with a grand staircase and chandelier.

Dana McCLellan

As an Interior Designer, Dana thrives on creativity and collaboration. Dana came to Kingscott as an intern while still attending Western Michigan University. After graduation, she secured a full-time position with the company and has been onboard ever since. She loves working with clients to define their goals and visions and then working to see those visions come to life. Dana says one thing she can’t live without is her co-workers. She’s energized by the creative flow and the dedication of working together to create the extraordinary.

Dana also loves playing on her volleyball league and spending time with her family. She’s proud of her two daughters and how respectful, playful, and fun they are.

Brendon Pollard

Brendon defines success as helping other people. Back in 1989, Brendon started out at Kingscott as an intern, creating ink drawings of completed buildings for the marketing department. He had no way of knowing that his career path would lead him to become Kingscott’s seventh President.

In addition to his role as President, he is also is the company's K-12 leader and a CEFPI certified educational planner.  From working together with his clients to formulate extraordinary solutions that help students succeed, Brendon possesses exceptional problem-solving skills. But if he does happen to catch a spare minute, he unwinds by playing a little Chopin, Rachmaninoff, or Schubert at the piano.

Beth Adams

Beth ensures our company’s workflow runs smoothly. Her responsive and sunny nature help keep our senior team organized and on track. Beth finds success and satisfaction in providing support that llows us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. When she’s not scheduling our teams, she tries to make sure to schedule in time to enjoy sunshine, her son’s football games, and fun with friends.

Aaron Felske

Aaron has a unique ability to develop creative and efficient solutions for technical problems. He applies his abilities in his role as a Civil Engineer, as a key member of our Technology Team and to the items on his wish list. Aaron is driven to find the right solutions in every situation he encounters.

To describe Aaron, one might use words like - efficient, structured and serious. However, these miss the heart of his personality which is highlighted by creativity, loyalty and humor. The way Aaron expresses these in his everyday life is what makes him truly one-of-a-kind.

In his time away from work, Aaron enjoys camping with his family, maximizing the benefits of his Amazon Prime account and reconfiguring Nerf Guns for ultimate velocity.