People Working Together to Create the Extraordinary

We enjoy serving others by creating great places to live, work, and learn. The environments we create have a positive impact on people’s lives. With a vision to enhance life through design, every member of the Kingscott team lives our vision every day. Minds who seek
collaboration, knowing that diverse perspectives create extraordinary solutions.

Our devotion to collaborative design to create projects that bring vision to life is what has earned our place as a cornerstone of Michigan’s architectural landscape for nearly a century.

Innovative & Passionate

Our team at Kingscott Associates is filled with fearless, innovative minds who are always seeking growth. They are passionate about their profession and their community and strive to develop projects that can change neighborhoods – or change the way we look at architecture.

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Tenured & Trusted

Kingscott Associates is a familiar name across Michigan. Our group has been integral to the shaping of communities across the state since 1929. There’s plenty that has changed since then, but our commitment to expressing our clients’ visions and focusing on creating lifelong, valuable partnerships has not changed a bit along the way. That’s what makes us one of the most trusted architecture, engineering, and interior design firms around.

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Approachable & Professional

We’re from the communities we serve. Our team members are helping shape their neighborhoods, their communities. We keep this in mind at every turn and have built our company culture around the idea of serving our neighbors, our communities, the businesses we commit to. While we adapt and evolve professionally, our culture has never wavered, and we are still the same down-to-earth, approachable, local-minded group as we were ninety years ago.

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Through collaboration, exploration, and thinking for the future, we create game-changing solutions to express our client’s vision in an extraordinary way.

By forming strategic partnerships, pursuing talented and innovative team members, and committing ourselves to mutual success, Kingscott Associates is able to provide extraordinary projects across markets including K-12 Education, Senior Living, and beyond.

By always seeking to create the extraordinary, we don’t limit ourselves. Having that goal helps us to find opportunities that other groups may overlook, to create buildings that don’t just do a job, but that are authentic and that are integral to their communities.
Brendon Pollard
Vice-President, Director of Planning & Development