This new year Kingscott will be celebrating our 90th Anniversary. In fact, Kingscott is the second oldest Architecture/Engineering Firm in the entire state of Michigan. It is an honor to have served Michigan communities, and we are excited to see what the future will bring!

Over the last 90 years, Kingscott has witnessed many changes – economic, political, generational. Each of those changes required the Firm to creatively evolve to meet and survive the impact of those changes. Evolution has been one of the keys to our longevity as a firm.

To successfully evolve, we must look to the future.We believe the key to working together successfully will include more emphasis on the “heart” of what drives us. We specialize in architecture, interior design, and engineering, but what we really do is change the lives of those with whom we work.

Our collaborative efforts shape the environments where our clients live and work. We have the ability to influence how children learn, how seniors age, how employees work, and how companies thrive… A true privilege.

It is with this same heart, we wish to thank each person who has come alongside Kingscott to support and encourage us throughout our journey. Kingscott would not be Kingscott without your contributions.

Kingscott Leadership Team
Brendon Pollard, Dan Tryles, David Martin,
Rob Atkins