Armstrong International is a company built on five generations of family tradition. Armstrong creates system solutions for steam, air, and hot water applications. Founded in 1900, Armstrong witnessed the Great Depression and two World Wars and is proud to say it has never laid off any employees. Armstrong is maintaining it’s historical legacy while staying at the forefront of innovative manufacturing practices. This approach fostered a dedicated workforce; some employees are even third generation!

When the company sought to create a Global Learning Center for employee education about cutting-edge products, Patricia Provot, President, looked to the 1942 factory building. During World War II, Armstrong responded to the war effort by gearing up production and expanding it’s factory space. To ration the metal for production, the company moved the original 1928 factory roof and trusses to the new facility. This historic space had been sitting dormant and was being used for storage. Patricia hoped to breathe new life into an important piece of Armstrong’s history, securing its use and preservation for the distant future.