Lisa Dailey

Lisa keeps daily operations at Kingscott running smoothly and efficiently. She’s been with us for 35 years and it’s safe to say, there’s no one better suited to keeping our house in order. Lisa started out in reception, moved into accounting and now works on production and specs. In addition to overseeing daily operations, she can run a mean general construction bid. Lisa likes the lively atmosphere and the diverse people at Kingscott.

Lisa’s husband got her into bow hunting in her 30s, and she’s been hooked ever since. Now an accomplished bow hunter, Lisa takes down game so big she needs help hauling her kill out of the woods. Not only does she shoot record-breakers, she also grows them. She attributes the success of her 7 ft. tomato plants to a particular variety and some well-guarded secrets. Another little known fact about Lisa is that her great-great grandfather graduated in the first class of Civil Engineers in 1862 from MSU. He wrote a textbook on land surveying that was used in colleges until 1957.