Sarah Haselschwardt

Sarah has an exceptional talent for listening, really listening.  She figures out the right questions to ask, hears the answer, and then turns that answer into the right solution.  Sarah joined Kingscott over 25 years ago after a Kingscott associate was one of her thesis jurors and was so impressed with her defense they asked her to submit her resume.  Her job description is Design Architect, but to truly excel at what she does, Sarah often finds herself filling different roles including mediator, problem solver, scheduler, child behavior analyst and almost any activity that provides insight and solutions towards designing exceptional buildings that fit the user’s needs.  Design for Sarah is a way of life, whether with building design, furniture and art fair projects, her home, or her unique personal style.

Sarah is as passionate about her family as she is about her work.  She credits all of her talents to lessons learned as the youngest of five kids, and being the daughter of farmers, who learned from necessity how to fix or make almost anything.  When she’s not working, she enjoys anything that means spending time with her large family.  Her current favorite hobbies include golfing with her daughter and spectating at her kids’ many athletic events.  For a little needed quiet time she also enjoys gardening and walking outdoors.