Karol Bartlam

Completing construction documents to produce awesome buildings is what drives Karol Bartlam. She’s also adept at coordinating her team members to complete tasks in a timely manner. She loves detail and accuracy and feels she was destined to be in the architectural profession. Her parents bought her first drafting table when she was in 5th grade; she took drafting in high school and graduated with an associate’s degree in drafting. From coordinating with consultants, clients and construction managers to double-checking codes, Karol is a vital member of our architecture team.

While architectural drafting is only one of her favorite kinds of draft, her other favorite draft is Atwater Vanilla Java Porter. Outside of drafting and craft beer tasting, Karol enjoys camping and spending time with her family and her pups, Memphis & Boop.

Karl Erdei Lorincz

Karl knows how to keep a team together. His nearly 30 years experience on projects big and small gives him the expertise to know what steps must be taken and how to keep the communication lines open to get a job done. Karl facilitates the team in the collaboration it needs so that its work fits into the larger project.

Karl has long been interested in art, and architecture drew him. He saw it as a practical application of arts to the real world. Karl got his architecture and structural engineering training at Technical Institute of Cluj in Romania. Then in 1987 he immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen in 1993.

Today, when the nice weather hits you are likely to find Karl outside hiking or walking the beach. He and his wife try to take an American and a European vacation each year.

Karla Dennis

Karla can always be counted on to get a job done well and help her team. She attended Ferris State University and after graduation put her roots down in West Michigan. She’s got a knack for organizing her time and tasks to ensure maximum productivity both at work and outside of work.

Karla’s passion is her family. She and her husband have two adult children, and two grandchildren. They also re-started their parenting duties about 11 years ago with the adoption of two younger boys, now 12 and 14. Karla volunteers with her son’s Cub Scout troop and her church. She’s also an ace shot and enjoys a good round of target practice.

Josie Rickert

Bright, sunny and reliable are all accurate ways to describe Josie Rickert. Josie recently graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Western Michigan University. A self-starter with an eye towards the future, Josie’s love of design is fueled by her passion and influenced by her love of travel and nature.

When she’s not working to support her co-workers, you’ll likely find her enjoying the warmer months at one of Michigan’s many campgrounds. She also enjoys volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and helping increase awareness about the field of Interior Design.

John Davids

John Davids defines success as being happy and making others happy.  His medium may be art or it may be architectural design or it may be teaching university students.  No matter the situation, John is committed to bringing the extraordinary to those around him.  John thrives in interpreting the vision of clients to create unique design solutions.  With over thirty years of experience and commitment to finding fun in the process, John is an asset to our team.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, John is proud of achieving his goal to visit all 50 states with his family prior to his children graduating from high school.  John’s favorite trip of that quest was visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Jason Fagerman

Jason is a hard worker, putting his heart and soul into achieving his goals. He tackles difficult site plans with determination. Jason enjoys the variety of the projects he works on and feels a sense of accomplishment when he sees them become a reality. Jason studied Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan. He sometimes jokes that he enrolled there for the football games. Jokes aside, graduating from U of M is one of Jason’s proudest accomplishments. He still attends the games.

Jason loves spending time with his family and running 5Ks. He also enjoys playing the guitar and reading.

Henry Toledo

Henry Toledo has a vision for his future, and his future is technology. If you ask him what he’s passionate about, 4 out of 5 answers will most likely be tech-related. He also really enjoys being able to solve problems. As the IT specialist at Kingscott, he really couldn’t be better suited for the job. Henry helps ensure that our teams have the tech based resources they need for a job well done.

Even when he’s not helping his co-workers with their tech issues, you’ll likely find him working to solve some kind of tech issue or developing the next big app that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without.

Dan Tryles

Dan has always been torn between two loves – architecture and aerospace. He almost went into the Air Force Academy. He went so far as to be appointed to the academy. In the end, he chose to pursue architecture at the University of Michigan. After school, Dan applied to and was hired by Kingscott. He started as a Project Coordinator and is now Director of Architecture and Partner. Dan is committed to using his talent and skills to help others achieve their goals.

Dan enjoys being outside in the summer camping with this family, out on a boat, or fishing. He’s a self-described computer enthusiast, which might just be a euphemism for "gamer." Right now he and his kids are building a replica of the Titanic on Minecraft complete with a grand staircase and chandelier.

Dana McCLellan

As an Interior Designer, Dana thrives on creativity and collaboration. Dana came to Kingscott as an intern while still attending Western Michigan University. After graduation, she secured a full-time position with the company and has been onboard ever since. She loves working with clients to define their goals and visions and then working to see those visions come to life. Dana says one thing she can’t live without is her co-workers. She’s energized by the creative flow and the dedication of working together to create the extraordinary.

Dana also loves playing on her volleyball league and spending time with her family. She’s proud of her two daughters and how respectful, playful, and fun they are.

Brendon Pollard

Brendon defines success as helping other people. Back in 1989, Brendon started out at Kingscott as an intern, creating ink drawings of completed buildings for the marketing department. He had no way of knowing that his career path would lead him to become Kingscott’s seventh President.

In addition to his role as President, he is also is the company's K-12 leader and a CEFPI certified educational planner.  From working together with his clients to formulate extraordinary solutions that help students succeed, Brendon possesses exceptional problem-solving skills. But if he does happen to catch a spare minute, he unwinds by playing a little Chopin, Rachmaninoff, or Schubert at the piano.